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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

On Thursday June 25, 2020 at 6pm EST, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing veteran ambassador and professional fly tier SGT Joe Jackson, U.S. Army (ret) of Sgt Bassfisher will broadcast a virtual fly tying class live on the Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Facebook Page.

Join SGT Joe Jackson for a virtual fly tying class right here on Facebook! He will be tying the “Bug-Eyed Bluegill…

Posted by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

He will be tying the “Bug-Eyed Bluegill Killer” fly – here’s what you need to tie along at home:

  • Hook- size 12-6 k12st caddis
  • Eyes- bead chain
  • Tail- mallard flank
  • Body- UV resin and saddle hackle
  • Thread- any thread 120 denier or smaller

“The BBk has me itself a staple for me, finding its way into all my species specific boxes. I tie it in crazy bright colors for all panfish, lmb/smb bass and whitebass.Browns for carp, black/purple, olive and white for brown and rainbow trout.I came up with this simple bugger variant because my kiddos constantly cast their flies into trees or bounce em off rocks. And I wanted a fly that wouldn’t fall apart with some extreme abuse.” – SGT Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson was raised in a small town in southern Indiana. A love of fishing, hunting and wildlife was instilled in Joe at a young age. During his 14 years enlisted in the U.S. Army he deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. He found Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing a year after being honorably discharged and his curiosity in fly fishing and tying bloomed into a love and obsession. He started tying in November 2015, placed second in Project Healing Waters National Fly Tying Contest in 2017. Joe received the Everett Drake Fly Tying Award in 2018. Joe ties flies for all warm, cold and salt water species with a focus on Deerhair flies. His realistic art flies like the hummingbird, pheasant, Grinch, Baby Yoda, kingfisher and others have been sent across the globe. Joe currently lives with his wife and 4 children, all of whom share his love of fly fishing/tying. He believes the most important thing anyone in this industry can do is to get kids out on the water and behind a vise.

His pro team and Ambassador affiliations are Regal Vise, Natures Spirit Fly Tying, Dette Flies, Partridge  hooks. Willowemoc creek dist. Dr. Slick tools, Solarez Uv, J. Stockard fly fishing, Wade-Deep, fly Trap Fly Holder and Semperfli Fly Rods. He also operates Sgt. Bassfisher offering top quality custom flies — learn more at

Joe frequents fly fishing shows around the nation as a guest or featured tyer Ie: international Fly tying symposium,  (the fly fishing brand shows) in PA, New Jersey, (local  Indiana shows), heartland fky fishing festival, three rivers fly show, Midwest fly fishing expo Warren Michigan, Cincinnati fly show. (FFI Shows) flint Michigan, Sowbug Round up Mountain home Arkansas. Aside from reaching out to veterans about fly fishing and tying, Joe is currently working with Bradford woods an Indiana University property to establish a fly fishing camp aimed at getting inner city kids and under privileged outdoors and on the water.

Interested in joining another PHWFF virtual event?

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