Carp Throw Down 2017 Throws Down for PHWFF


Our friend Conway Bowman (who recently shared his experience and knowledge with veteran participants at Marabou Madness V) and Al Q, have hosted a “Carp Throw Down” since 2012.  It’s an annual tournament held on California’s Lake Henshaw that is solely focused on sight fishing, with fly, for the lake’s abundant (and bruiser!) carp.  This year, the tournament will take place on June 3, 2017 and we’re honored, and thrilled, that the raffle for this years event will benefit our cause and the veterans we serve!  Our thanks to Conway and Al for their great support.

For more information about this years tournament, visit

“The Carp Throw Down is for fly fishermen who are not limited by boundaries and have fun fly fishing for any fish who is willing to take a fly. Come join the fun! It will change the way you look at carp..I guarantee it.”  – Conway Bowman

Carp Throw Down Art


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