Flies from the Fort Belvoir and Quantico Marine Programs Fly Tying Marathon along with donated flies are now available to all PHWFF Programs across the country. Please send your requests to Brent Adams, a volunteer in the Fort Belvoir Program. Brent’s email is:

We have 8,929 flies to distribute to PHWFF Programs nationwide. Please send request for flies by category by June 9th

Trout flies = 7,506
Warm Water flies = 966
Saltwater flies = 419
Musky flies = 28
Steelhead flies = 10
Total flies = 8,929

The Fly Tying Marathon on March 18 at the Marine Corps Museum produced 1,725 tied and donated flies. We received over 100 dozen flies from the North American Fly Fishing Forum, an internet information exchange group; a large donation of flies from the Rapidan Chapter of Trout Unlimited; 23 dozen from PHWFF Fredericksburg Volunteer, Bob Betts; 20 dozen from the Fly Tyers & Liars, a local fly tying group and 1,030 flies from Jerry Warrington of Grayling, Michigan along with 2 large donations from the families of deceased fly fishers. The Crystal Coast (NC) PHWFF Program also sent in flies from their fly tying marathon.  These flies will be put to great use by our veteran participants during program outings throughout the year and we’re honored by the time, talent, and dedication that went into this noble endeavor.

Many thanks go out to Marty Laksbergs Program Lead – Marine Base Quantico,  Bob Gartner Program Lead – Fort Belvoir & many other volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to this great initiative!



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