Our Work Continues: The 12th Annual 2-Fly Tournament

The 12th Annual 2-Fly Tournament was a weekend of memories, celebration, and patriotism, and one not soon to be forgotten.  We extend our deepest thanks to all of our friends who so generously supported this annual celebration, tournament and fundraiser and the many 2-Fly Tournament and event sponsors who made it happen.   The tournament weekend is emblematic of our cause as old friends and new came together in patriotic celebration to embrace the veterans we serve nationwide.

Our work continues.  We need your help to reach our 2-Fly Goal!  With over 3.8 million disabled veterans nationwide your support of the 2-Fly Tournament is essential to our continued success.  With your help we can meet our goal and continue expanding program services to those disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans who need it.  We provide the lifeline that connects disabled veterans with our volunteers and programs in a long-term healing relationship.  At a cost of $300.00 per disabled veteran participant for an entire year —  your gift will help us meet our goal and provide an additional 150 disabled veterans with the support they need on their journeys to recovery.

We are 75% of the way to our goal and your generous 2-Fly partnership will enable us to continue providing our top-tier therapeutic program to countless more injured and disabled veterans. You can help them find their healing waters.  All contribution will directly support our programs and the thousands of veterans they serve annually across the United States.

To all who attended supported, and sponsored this great annual celebration – we thank you for embracing our cause and the veterans we serve.  We’ll be sharing even more from the weekend in the days and weeks to come, so stayed tuned to this blog!

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