The 12th Annual Mossy Creek Invitational casts a lifeline to disabled veterans on June 1, 2019

Veterans, volunteers, and supporters will gather in Bridgewater, Virginia on June 1, 2019 for the 12th Annual Mossy Creek Invitational benefiting Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc (PHWFF) and the thousands of disabled veterans the organization serves each year.  The Mossy Creek Invitational serves as a fun fly fishing competition in which PHWFF disabled veteran participants are paired with a sponsor and professional fly fishing guide for a day of memorable angling on Virginia’s famed Mossy Creek.  For over a decade PHWFF has focused on healing those who serve and the Mossy Creek Invitational serves to raise funds to provide disabled veterans with the support they need on their journeys to recovery.

Each year the Mossy Creek Invitational (MCI) is graciously hosted by Robin and Bob Fitch and our cause is embraced by the Bridgewater, VA community, local businesses and national sponsors.

We are looking forward to another great year on Mossy Creek!  In the upcoming days we will be highlighting special moments, people, and organizations who have become part of the PHWFF family at the MCI as well as sharing a surprise opportunity with our friends at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Stay tuned!

You can help provide our Nation’s disabled veterans with community, camaraderie, and a continuum of care through the Mossy Creek Invitational by making a gift below:

Meet the Veteran Competitors: The 12th Annual Mossy Creek Invitational >

The Friends of the Mossy Creek Invitational

The Mossy Creek Invitational is a special event, in a special place, brought together by the unconditional commitment and love of the Bridgewater community and all those who travel from a far to its warm embrace.

Over the past seven years, the greater community has made contributions and showed up in force to cheer on teams, support PHWFF, and enjoy the fellowship under the tent for the dinner. This group is known as The Friends of the Mossy Creek Invitational and is comprised of individuals, families, and small businesses that donate to PHWFF through the Invitational each year.

“The Harrisonburg And Bridgewater community comes together every year to make this event so special,” say Board Member and co-organizer Brian Trow, “Individuals and businesses donate food, money, time, and energy to make the experience for the participants and sponsors unforgettable.”

Join The Friends of the Mossy Creek Invitational and attend this years event by contacting Brian Trow at

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