The Evergreen Hand: An adaptive fly-tying device (VIDEO)

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Programs use a wide-assortment of adaptive fly fishing equipment with those participants who are adjusting to their new abilities. The Evergreen Hand is one such device and it is used successfully by programs across the country.  This ingenious fly-tying device enables a tier to tie with one hand!  It builds confidence and access for those participants who may be missing a limb or who are partially paralyzed to become accomplished fly tiers.

The Evergreen Hand was invented and developed by Jesse Scott and Marvin Johnson in 2007.  “Marvin suffered a serious hand injury that was preventing him from enjoying his hobby of fly tying and the two sat down to solve the problem. After several attempts, they hit upon the present, very successful design that allows the tier to tie with one hand. In the following years Jesse made about 50 of the units, (out of wood in those days) and gave them to friends. In 2012 Jesse teamed up with Dean Childs and later OPFI to make the Evergreen Hand available to everyone that needs it.” (OPFI)

Watch the video below if you’re interested in a dive-deep into how the Evergreen Hand works.

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