Unwavering Commitment and Care: Thank you BAE Systems

Over the past decade we’ve been honored by the tremendous support of countless individuals, foundations, companies and corporations.  Their generosity has taken many forms, contributing through donations of time, services, money, and equipment all of which has helped ensure our success in healing those who serve.   It is due to these selfless acts of charity that we have been able to continue providing our top-tier therapeutic program at no cost to thousands of injured and disabled veterans annually across the United States.

bae-systemsOne corporation has consistently stepped to the plate and set an example for many to follow. We are proud to recognize BAE Systems for their generosity and charity.  They have been the primary sponsor of our annual Mossy Creek Invitational for the past 9 years and have donated over $275,000 to our cause at this special event.  Their donations carry significant weight, as the Mossy Creek Invitational donates over 96cents on each dollar raised directly to the veterans served by our 200+ Programs nationwide.

To put this remarkable total in perspective, it is the equivalent of providing a total of 13,750 disabled veteran participants with one-full-month of PHWFF core program activities at no cost.  Let that sink in.  That means that each year, and every year since 2007, over 1,500 disabled veterans were served annually by our core program and unique form of therapy as a result of BAE System’s sponsorship.  Wow.

BAE Systems employees and leadership have also long been involved as volunteers with our organization – continuously serving as volunteer tournament organizers, videographers, guides, and Board of Trustees.  The individual charity of BAE Systems employees when coupled with their corporate sponsorship has been paramount to our success and furthering our mission as we embark upon our second decade of service.

“BAE Systems’ commitment to our disabled Veterans has been unwavering. Support of PHWFF is but one example of how the company cares and contributes to the healing of our most deserving servicemen and women.”Bob Fitch, Chairman, PHWFF

We are ceaselessly honored and humbled by their tremendous support of our cause and the disabled veterans we serve.  From all of us at Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Thank you BAE Systems for your tremendous and continuous support of our cause and the veterans we serve.



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