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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

After being recognized as a compassionate and dedicated volunteer Brian Trow was asked to join the Board of Trustees for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF). After joining the Board, he immediately became focused on the bylaws and operating challenges facing PHWFF. At Board meetings he demonstrated an uncanny ability to ask the questions pertaining to the needs of the disabled servicemen and women that were participating in PHWFF activities. Always mission focused, Brian ensured priorities were clear and objectives would support sustainable program growth.

As the co-Founder and co-owner of Mossy Creeks Fly Fishing in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Brian instilled a sense of patriotism and compassion into the staff at the fly shop. Leading up to the annual Mossy Creek Invitational  (MCI) tournament the staff would tie flies that would be given to each participant in the MCI. The days before the staff would bush hog and trim the banks of Mossy Creek to ensure the safety of the fishermen and women. And every year, for twelve years, the entire staff except for one guide would offer their time to volunteer at the MCI and give tips to PHWFF participants. For their efforts Mossy Creek Fly Fishing was presented with the  PHWFF  Patriot Award. Brian was one of the-architects of the MCI and donated countless hours of his time to raise funds and execute a flawless event.

In August of 2020 Brian was unanimously voted to become the third Vice Chairman of PHWFF. He immediately partnered with the new Chairman and facilitated a smooth transition of Board leadership. His experience coupled with the respect of his fellow Trustees allowed him to demonstrate his leadership skills. A consummate listener Brian was attuned to the Board’s challenges and was instrumental in shaping some of the strategic thinking of the organization. 

In June  of 2021  Brian assumed the role of Chairman due to the sudden departure of the incumbent Chair. Over several months Brian was steadfast in opening a dialogue with all Trustees as he assessed their levels of commitment and their thoughts about the strategic direction of PHWFF. His efforts were invaluable to the incoming Chairman and to all Trustees, both tenured and new.

The dedication, leadership, and total commitment of Brian to the disabled men and women of PHWFF was exemplary. His leadership and selfless service as a board member has made a huge impact on the success of the organization His respectful collaboration with the staff facilitated a continuous flow of healing support to Veterans throughout the United States and abroad. 

After an 8 year tenure, Brian stepped down from the PHWFF Board. We are eternally grateful for his dedication, compassion, leadership and devotion to the deserving servicemen and women that have healed through their participation in an organization that Brian shaped and led. His commitment to future MCI’s is yet another reason to thank Brian Trow, a great American.

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