Mossy Creek Invitational

The 15th Annual Mossy Creek Invitational

31st – 1st
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15 Years of the MCI!

The 15th Mossy Creek Invitational auction is live now!

The Mossy Creek Invitational stands as a heartfelt celebration of our nation’s Veterans. From shared meals among friends to unforgettable moments at the idyllic Mossy Creek, the spirit of unity and healing was palpable. This annual tradition wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our long-time supporters and sponsors. Their commitment has been the pillar of the Invitational’s success over the years.

Each year, the weekend is marked by memorable activities, including a delightful fly fishing competition for 15 Veterans. Teamed up with sponsors and professional guides, these ties go beyond the event, fostering lasting camaraderie. With the hand-off of directorial duties from John Miko to Dietrich Maune last year, the enduring spirit of the event remains, symbolized by the unwavering contributions of stalwarts like Bob and Robin Fitch, Don Bell, and Brian Trow.

Our gratitude extends to national sponsors like Golden Corral, Microsoft, and Dynamic Aviation Group, and the invaluable support from the local community. The combined efforts, resources, and priceless time from all involved were the driving force behind this event’s grandeur.

Recognition at this year’s event stood out. The Wenger family received the Spirit of Mossy Creek Award, and Denise Sousa’s philanthropy was celebrated with her introduction into the Century Club. The Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award recipient, Amanda Thompson, shed light on the vital role volunteer leadership plays at the core of Project Healing Waters.

Friday night before the tournament

Dinner in the historic red barn

On Friday night before the tournament, our friends at Dynamic Aviation hosted Veterans, sponsors and members of the community for a special tour of historic aircraft and a fabulous dinner in their historic red barn.

It was a special day

The patriotic support of this special event came from individuals and companies alike.

Special thanks to the wider Mossy Creek community for their incredible contributions.

Over $155,000 was raised to support Project Healing Waters programs nationwide.

The Invitational is more than just a gathering; it is a testament to the patriotic support from both individuals and corporations. Special mentions include national sponsors such as BAE Systems, CSL Behring, and The Awesome Friendly Foundation. The broader Mossy Creek community’s generosity and contributions further solidify the event’s success. From auction donations by the Washington Capitals and many others to the invaluable photographic contributions of Erica Lewis, every gesture adds immense value.

But the most heartening statistic remains – over $155,000 was raised in 2023, destined to support Project Healing Waters programs across the country. Such overwhelming success underscores our mission’s ongoing significance. While we’ve achieved a lot, the journey continues. Our pledge is to extend our reach and stand by our Veterans, ensuring they find solace and healing through fly fishing.

The overwhelming success of the event underscores our mission’s significance. It’s an indicator that our work is far from over. Our commitment remains strong as ever – to expand our reach, support more Veterans, and ensure they find healing through fly fishing. And with your continued support, we remain optimistic about the journey ahead.

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