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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

Each year we are amazed at the number of videos that beautifully highlight stories born from our unique brand of healing. This past year was no different and we are honored to share just a few of our favorite videos from 2019 with you below.

As we enter the New Year, we want to thank you for supporting Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Thanks to you more than 8,300 disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans received physical and emotional rehabilitation through fly fishing and associated activities in a single year.  Your generous contributions provided a year of healing and recovery to disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans free of charge.

On behalf of those disabled veteran participants, thank you for helping us provide each of them with the support they need on their journey towards physical and emotional recovery.

Our work continues in 2020.  With over 3.8 million disabled veterans nationwide your support remains essential to our continued success.  Together we can reach our goal of providing emotional and physical rehabilitation to an additional 1,200 disabled veterans in 2020.


Our Favorite Videos of 2019


Healing Waters

In honor of Veterans Day, Facebook Inc produced and published a special film featuring Sgt Lisa Ornelas U.S. Army (ret) from our Long Beach, California program.  This beautiful film captures the essence of our cause and our unique brand of healing. “She battled PTSD for years after her tour in Iraq and finally found support in an unlikely place–a fly fishing group for veterans that helped her heal.”

Celebrating our Veterans, Florida and the Ocean

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing was honored to partner with the Ocean Conservancy and the Lower Keys Guide Association to celebrate our Veterans, Florida and the Ocean. “The ability to be with others with similar struggles, to be able to enjoy each other’s company and genuinely laugh with one another is a spectacular gift, and participating in this event was a great adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed the cleanup and look forward to participating again as well as in other events with Ocean Conservancy in the future!” – Becky Fortin, U.S. Army Veteran


The SeaHunter Season 4 Episode 4 | Healing Waters

After showing up to surprise Charlie Trawick at a Project Healing Waters program meeting, Rob Fordyce takes Charlie to his own home waters to catch some fish and reflect on life.


Project Healing Waters

Northwest Profiles is a PBS show that highlights people, places, and events of interest in the Pacific Northwest.  We’re proud to have our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho program and Rocky Mountain Northwest Region highlighted by this great show.


The SeaHunter Season 4 Episode 10 | Healing Waters 2

Rob Fordyce takes Sabrina Beganny from Project Healing Waters on an unforgettable fishing trip.



Tight Line Therapy: Finding Calm in the Current

This special episode of ‘Ozarks on the Fly’ from Bluff Line Media features Grady Powell (Dual Survival, American Grit) and Jon Link on the Current River. “After his time in the Army Special Forces, Grady found a new passion for fly fishing through Jon, who helped him realize how fulfilling the sport can be. Part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the freestone Current River holds some of the better wade fishing in the Ozarks. In support of Project Healing Waters, please enjoy TIGHTLINE THERAPY: Finding Calm in the Current!” 


Facebook Blueprint features Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

Did you know that over 140 Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) programs have a local Facebook Page? PHWFF programs use Facebook Pages to connect, engage, and celebrate their local communities as they strive to heal those who serve.  We are proud to be featured in this short video from Facebook Blueprint that highlights our work empowering volunteer leaders as they connect with their local veteran and angling communities on Facebook.


The SeaHunter – Sneak Peak  | Healing Waters

“A hook is a canvas and a fly is literally a painting. That’s how I look at it.” Kyle Chanitz is a world-class fly tyer and enjoys leading fly-tying lessons for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. In this episode, Kyle and Capt. Rob Fordyce embark on an offshore adventure complete with new experiences, time for reflection, and plenty of fish!


Retired U.S. Army Captain on Healing, Fly Fishing and the Power of Giving

Alvin Shell, a retired U.S. Army Captain and current federal employee, shares his story on behalf of the CFC.  Alvin is a 100% disabled veteran that sustained multiple injuries in 2004 while rescuing a fellow soldier during an ambush in Iraq.  He has always had a love for the outdoors but only fell in love with fly fishing three years ago during a trip to Idaho. Alvin later joined the Ft Belvoir program of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing which fostered a better understanding of the sport and the addiction was born


The Brothers Trow

This special episode of Silver Kings features long-time Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing champions, volunteers, and friends: Brian and Colby Trow.  Renowned for their savvy in both business and angling, the Trow brothers are the owners of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and co-hosts of our annual Mossy Creek Invitational.  In 2017, the Board of Trustees of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing was proud to bestow our highest and most prestigious award, the Patriot Award, to Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, and the Trow Brothers, for tireless and extraordinary service to PHWFF and to those wounded warriors and disabled veterans whom this organization serves.


Fly Fishing at Fort Bragg with Project Healing Waters

The episode of The Fly Rod Chronicles follows Curtis Fleming and the FRC Crew down to North Carolina for a tour of Fort Bragg, time hanging out with some members of the 82nd Airborne, and over to Fayetteville, NC to fish with the PHWFF Fayetteville, NC Program and to attend their annual Marabou Madness event.


As we reflect on all that we have done in 2019, we are reminded that none of what we accomplished could have been done without you.  Thank you.  Happy Holidays, expressing great hope that your New Year and that of our PHWFF family, finds us all continuing to heal those who serve.