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Phil Johnson Exceptional Leadership Award

The West Virginia Region, Paul Moore, Regional Coordinator conducted a Program Leaders Conference the weekend of March 3,4,5, 2017 at Harman’s Cabins in Cabins, West Virginia. Guest speakers: David Folkerts, Chief Operations Officer HQ, Julie Keene, Industry Coordinator HQ, Ray Babineau, Regional Coordinator, Virginia and Tom Perrine, Physical Therapist, Clarksburg, WV.  The weekend was focused on training and equipping our volunteer leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to help heal the injured and disabled military service personnel and disabled veterans they serve in the West Virginia Region.

The outline of the Conference was to introduce the new Policies and Procedures along with the responsibilities of the Program Leaders in their rolls for 2017. Paul Moore reviewed the Program Leaders Corner and the importance  of each topic concerning the safety of their participants as well as fundraising and budgets. Discussions on the basic fundamentals of running a program was another important topic covered

David Folkerts, along with fielding questions from the group discussed the new website, Information technology and the National destination trips, Ambassador trips, and Special trips and their specific specifications and limitations. Volunteer training was another big topic covered along with the “Why and How.”

Julie Keene, presented the New Ordering procedures and policies with the discussions on possibly deleting or expanding vendors, new products in the ordering guide i.e. new style shirts, hats and other outer wear along with other products in-line with the needs of the participants.

Tom Perrine’s discussion was at the forefront for the volunteers and the participants as the basis of PHWFF mission. Tom discussed the awareness of PTSD and TBI, the causes and the signals to watch for around the participants in the classroom or on an outing. Tom also discussed the Patience needed by the volunteers when confronting a situation and the proper procedure in getting medical assistance.

Last on the agenda but certainly with more involvement to include a small test was Ray Babineau,  with his presentation on “Fish Food,” what the Trout eats and where, along with the various types of aquatic insects from Amoebas to Spinners and life in between.

Each presenter was able to field all the questions and to say the least there were plenty from both the Regional standpoint and Head Quarters. Without a doubt everyone was well pleased with the information and to the in-depth that the questions were answered with a well renewed rejuvenation of the Programs and the future growth of the Organization.

In attendance: Al Cox PL Beckley,WV;  Chuck Holley PL Huntington, WV;  Greg Shaffer PL Charleston, WV; Charles Halstead PL Whitesville, WV; Dan Headley APL Morgantown, WV; Nathan Leasure APL Parkersburg, WV;  Kenny Hawthorn PL Martinsburg, WV.