The 5th Annual Fly Tying Competition Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of The 5th Annual PHWFF Fly Tying Competition! The five finalists: Jeremy Bristol (PHWFF Syracuse, NY), Trent Myer (PHWFF Fort Drum, NY), Robert Fletcher (PHWFF Denver, CO), Joe Jackson (PHWFF Indianapolis, IN), and Son Tao (PHWFF Indianapolis) traveled to Lancaster, PA for the International Fly Tying Symposium the weekend of November 10-11, 2017.  While there, they were able to demonstrate their fly tying skills at the PHWFF booth, attend the many free programs offered during the event, and to meet, and learn from, the huge swath of professional tiers gathered for the weekend.  While at the Symposium, the finalists were treated to special visits by luminaries of the fly tying world such as Bob Clouser, Scott Striker, Walt Young, Bill Newcomb, and many, many others.  “This weekend so was unreal! Thank you guys for everything!” – Joe Jackson, Finalist – PHWFF Indianapolis, IN

Legendary Angler Bob Clouser with Finalist Trent Myer

Finalist Joe Jackson kept busy spinning deerhair at the PHWFF booth throughout the symposium!

My desk at the international fly tying symposium in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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During a very special Symposium dinner hosted by Chuck Furimsky on Saturday, November 11th an awards ceremony was held during which the winners were announced.  In addition to the incredible trip to the Fly Tying Symposium,  and thanks to our great friends at  TyWheel, the 1st place winner received a complete TyWheel set-up with a PHWFF Regal Vise and fly tying tool kit, the 2nd place winner received a PHWFF Regal Vise and 3rd place took home a PHWFF fly tying tool kit.

Each fly was judged by a fly-tying panel comprised of PHWFF volunteers, celebrity fly tiers and professionals and this year we were astounded at all the amazing flies that were submitted by veteran participants from across the country.  Our congratulations to everyone who participated this year and we’re already looking forward to next year!  The 6th Annual PHWFF Fly Tying Competition will begin on January 2, 2018 and run through September 1, 2018.

And the winners are…..

1st Place: Son Tao of PHWFF Indianapolis, IN

Click here to read more about Son

Watch Son tie a stimulator in the video below from Fly Tier Magazine:

2nd Place: Joe Jackson of PHWFF Indianapolis, IN

Click here to read more about Joe

Take a look at a Hummingbird Fly Joe tied while at the Symposium!

3rd Place: Robert Fletcher of PHWFF Denver, CO

Click here to read more about Robert

Check out the flies tied and submitted by Robert below:

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Bristol of PHWFF Syracuse, NY

Click here to read more about Jeremy

Honorable Mention: Trent Myer of PHWFF Fort Drum, NY

Click here to read more about Trent


Special thanks to the Furimsky family, Richard Diamond, Ed Veaudry, and Skip Hughes and the Pennsylvania Region for helping out with the coordination and execution of this event, and all those tiers who stopped by to visit during the show!



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